Grades MFI Type Process Features Application
HIFAX X 1956 A 1.2 APO Injection molding Good Flexibility, Low Flow , Good Impact Resistance, Good Colorability, High Tensile Strength Panels & Profiles, Exterior Applications, TPO Skins, Polymer modifier
HIFAX CA 7320 A 2.5 APO Injection molding, Extrusion High Impact Resistance , Low Temperature Impact, Resistance, Good Moldability , Good Processability Exterior Applications, Impact modification
HIFAX CA 7201 A 11 APO Injection molding, Extrusion Good Dimensional Stability, High Impact Resistance , Paintable Exterior Applications, Polymer modifier, Automotive Parts
HIFAX CA 60 A 14 APO Injection molding, Extrusion Ductile, Good Flexibility, High Flow , Low Hardness , High impact Resistance , Good Processability Panels & Profiles, Exterior Applications, TPO Skins, Polymer modifier, Single Ply Roofing, Industrial
HIFAX CA 387 A 18 APO Injection molding, Extrusion High Flow , High Impact Resistance , Good Moldability, Paintable, Good Stiffness , Good Colorability, Durable Exterior Applications, Bumpers, Polymer modifier
HIFAX CA 7153 S 20 APO Injection molding, Extrusion Random Copolymer, Porous -
HIFAX CA 10 A 0.6 APO Extrusion High ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance), Low Hardness , Medium Heat Resistance , Good Impact, Resistance Panels & Profiles, Wire & Cable, TPO Foils and Skins, Water management membranes, Polymer modifier, Single Ply Roofing
HIFAX CA 7441 A 0.8 APO Extrusion Good Dimensional Stability, Low Flow , Low Temperature Flexibility Wire & Cable, Polymer modifier, Power cables

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