Grades MFI Type Process Features Application
ADSTIF HA 843K 3.5 HOMO Injection Molding Homopolymer, High Stiffness Clear Containers, Opaque Containers
ADSTIF HA 5034 14 HOMO Injection Molding Very high long term heat resistance and High HDT/ High Stiffness, Good pigment dispersion -
ADSTIF EA 648 P 18 PPCP Injection Molding Good Flow, Good Impact Resistance , Good Processability, High Stiffness Furniture, Housewares
ADSTIF HA 5029 65 HOMO Injection Molding Extremely high stiffness, High gloss, High flow ability, Good surface hardnes, Suitable for food contact Interior trims for Automotive parts, Microwave oven parts, Electric Kettle, Coffee Maker, Electric Fan Housing
ADSTIF EA 5091 31 PPCP Injection Molding Anti-tiger stripe of Large injection parts as PP Modifier Automotive Exterior/Interior parts: bumper fascia, rocker panel, cowl top cover etc

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