Grades MFI Product Type Process Features Application S/AB
CLYRELL RC 1890 1.7 RANDOM CPP, Blown film, BOPP Good clarity, Good Gloss Film, Stationery Film, Shrink Film, Food Packaging Film Absent
CLYRELL RC 124 H 2.2 RANDOM Blown Film High Clarity, Random Copolymer, High Gloss , Good Optical Properties Bags & Pouches, Film, Stationery Film, Blown Film, Food Packaging Film, Textile Packaging Film Absent
CLYRELL EC 310 K 3.5 PPCP CPP Impact Copolymer, Medium Flow, Medium Gloss Bags & Pouches, Film, Cast Film, Thermoformed Food Containers, Food Packaging Film, Lamination Film Absent
CLYRELL EC 2218 7 PPCP CPP Good Transparency and Good Heat Seal properties. Films for lamination, adhesive tapes, labeling films, stationery and protective films and food packaging. Absent
CLYRELL RC 213 M 10 RANDOM CPP High Clarity, High Gloss Film, Cast Film, Food Packaging Film, Twist Wrap Film Only AB
CLYRELL RC 5056 10 RANDOM Injection Molding High gloss, excellent clarity, balanced rigidity and impact Housewares, Food containers -
CLYRELL EC 348 P 14 PPCP Injection Molding excellent transparency, very high gloss combined with a good stiffness/impact balance. Sports, Leisure and Toys, Housewares, Clear Containers -
CLYRELL EC 340 R 26 PPCP Injection Molding Low Temperature Impact, Good Clarity Sports, Leisure and Toys, Housewares,Clear Containers -

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