Grades Process MFI Type Features Application
ADFLEX Q 100F Blown film, double bubble, extrusion 0.6 APO Soft , low temp. toughness
Stretch Hood,Surface Protection Film,Barrier Film
ADFLEX 7492 Extrusion 0.8 APO Soft Bags & Pouches, Blown Film, Film Wrap, Food Packaging Film, Heavy Duty Packaging, Hygiene Film, Lamination Film
ADFLEX Q 300 F Blown film, Extrusion 0.8 APO Good flexibility Bags & Pouches, Film Wrap, Surface Protection Film, Heavy Duty Packaging , Agriculture Films, Peelable Films, Hygiene Film
ADSYL 7423 Double Bubble CPP, BOPP 5.5 APO Low sit , Low haze Food Packaging, Lamination Film
ADFLEX C 200 F Extrusion, CPP 6 APO High Clarity, Soft, Good Toughness, Low Temperature Toughness Bags & Pouches, Stationery Film, Peelable Film, Film Wrap, Food Packaging Film, Lamination Film, Breathable Film, Barrier Film
ADFLEX X 500 F Extrusion,CPP, Injection Molding 7.5 APO High Heat Resistance , Low Temperature Impact, Medium Stiffness, High transparency Bags & Pouches, Stationery Film, Food Packaging Film, Lamination Film, Clear Containers
ADFLEX V 109 F CPP, Injection Molding 12 APO Clarity, Contact, Low Temperature Impact Resistance, soft Roofing Underlayment, Sports, Leisure and Toys, Housewares, Industrial
ADFLEX Z 101 H Extrusion, Injection Molding 27 APO Good Chemical Resistance, High ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance), Good Flexibility, High Flow, Low Temperature Impact Resistance, Soft Bitumen Modification
ADFLEX Z 108 S Extrusion, Injection Molding 27 APO High Flow , Low Hardness , Low Temperature Impact Resistance, High Elongation Roofing Underlayment, Cast Film, TPO Skins, Impact modification

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