Relief Material

The world has been witness to brutal calamities and disasters, some natural and some unfortunately man made. Yet the Human Race has not lost hope with number of organizations striving to assist in humanitarian aid and rebuild the civilization for the affected people.
We at Toyop always look forward to partner these humanitarian organizations and help them in their efforts. We have already served some of the best organizations across the world including UNHCR, UNICEF, IFRC, IOM and many more. Our expertise extends to supplying relief aid product and supply kits to help the most vulnerable people suffering during times of crisis.
We are one such organization dedicated to the task of providing timely assistance and aid to affected regions anywhere around the world. Located in Mumbai, the commercial hub of the nation, we have access to all the leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of relief aid. Proximity to the major ports of India, combined with rapid airlift options, helps us deliver on time, the crucial factor when dispensing relief aid.
With the need to store the Relief Cargo by the Humanitarian Organizations, we have established a large warehouse with sufficient relief stocks ready to be dispatched during emergency times with following services:-
  • Huge warehousing space, optimized for all kinds of goods
  • Full onsite warehouse management
  • All kinds of Records keeping and inventory management
  • High security Safety and Hygiene standards
All products mentioned on our website are offered as per international standards and are manufactured under best production facilities to provide excellent quality.

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