Solar Products

Solar Lantern

Solar Radio

Hand held torch

with LED bulbs

Solar Torch

With or without detachable solar panel

3 bright white LED

Medium sized handheld torch

5 LED Solar Flashlight,

Additional Cranking mechanism


White emitting light

Aluminium alloy body

Gives light in all direction-36 LED approx.

400 lumens

Recharge cell phone in emergency

Pumping mechanism

Weight - 0.84 grm

Robust and water resistant

1 minute hand-cranking supports over

20 minutes radio play time/over

10-15 minutes of continuous torch

light/ 3 minutes cell phone talk time

One minute pumping would generate

a minimum 10 mins of continuous

bright illumination

Product Size - 12.5 cmx 2.5 cm

With connection cable

Multiple ways to power the radio

flashlight: hand crank to wind up

internal ulternator/expose to sunlight


Recharge under the sunlight


Maximum power consumption: 0.5 w

[Full function]


Can be used for 6 hours after exposed under the sunlight


working voltage: 2.7 --4.2 V

- -

solar panel: 3x2/3AAA360mAh/3.6 Ni-MH

- -

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